We're Still Here And We're Doing Just Fine

by Slipdiver

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released January 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Slipdiver Columbus, Ohio

Check out our music video for the song "Lit Up" here: vimeo.com/27271072

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Track Name: A Very Very Slipdiver Christmas
it started on a thursday underneath a neon cover reading 'no parking'. there's a red light blinking, and i counted as i sit. it reminds me of an analog clock; not counting down for there is no end, but counting up to when i can leave. and this is an amusement. lets go. wait. i used to be someone to you now i get drunk and sing sometimes. one more than the other i admit but i cant forget the times and places we stood. if i could kill you with this song i would.
she looks uncomfortable i tell myself
harsh winters and icy hearts left you longing for
the hostess walking by.. i watch
open arms and open skies.
i could see tarantulas in the sky. the clouds move like wagons as the kids rode the carousel up down up down the kids rode. i put my hands in my pocket. i walked over to the group of people. they were eating, drinking, feeling as great as their air. and i had the stage in fifteen.
so color me complacent im just a pair of rolled up sleeves that you wear on the weekends with some old friends. that sweater looks dreadful. just take it off.
your smile looks treacherous. you didnt mean it. you dont mean it.
i sat listening to the fan coming from the floor as the lights dimmed and my eyes faded. the bookshelf in front of me had been knocked over, and above the attic was your room.
i'll throw you all my sympathy along with all my sticks and all my stones. your favorite poems they break my bones.
a day of daydreaming shakes you to pieces.
Track Name: The Slip! Up
i cant tell you why i inspire things that only seem to cause fires and blizzards here. it all gives me pause. your cause is a search for sharper claws that you dont need anymore. you use them anyway for the comfort youget fromleaving them bleeding. you do things you dont even mean to and i swore i wouldnt forget the opposite of what you truly mean is me. you signed up for the last three days.you'd never had it that easy. but it never turns out the same when you got it in your own game.ohno. we're pirates of the heart. too much of any thing we lose sight of who we are.
Track Name: Rachel Vs. Lisa
you left me for dead with those trash cans you took to the curb when you had pepper spray in your hands. prove me wrong why dont you prove me wrong. i never had a place to stay without you and all those ecstasies or more of suggestions. you lack believing. but those days are over. all i can do now is try to stay sober, weather this distance, and count me out. i can find better in my own bedroom than with these wheels in motion. familiar miles familiar motions.
i saw your face light up at the door then
with a pebble in my throat
you said nothing looking at our feet then embraced me
from your heart to my hope.
i tried to break away too soon i always fucking do and so do you.
the day ran amber but the people ran faster to the sun behind the courthouse. and the phone you told me you were well that you were with others without thinking. i tread my feet along the cracks in the sidewalk and i counted the change in my pocket. you left me for dead but this time instead you grabbed my neck and begged me not to quit
Track Name: We're Still Here And We're Doing Just Fine
the oldcity crew sees me coming right back and bunking up with you. but wouldn't that make this unnecessary? you know whatever the future holds to be true. what i know is this empty bed and barren room. oh no i feel alone again. charlies gone and logans moving out of my apartment. (yet to come) and i'm told it doesn't matter what happened then i'm supposed to look forward to the future but in my dreams your face is so clear when you hide behind the walls and cobwebs in the scary places we go on and on and recklessly into the night. our most pathetic times but we're still singing. we're still doing just fine. and after so long its quite apparent that what you said is what you meant: nothing at all. and you said this was as easy for me. as easy as you can be. and all you can hope for yourself is to wake up in some different places. you'll live forever and i'll be done tomorrow but i can always wake from my grave.
Track Name: Banana Cereal
last time it got this way i tried to say it honestly but next time i'll try to explain all these games that you play every day, and now its like i'll never get the chance to participate. as days roll on its clear you're not the one i seek everyday and shadows before the dawn are cast more dramatically. it seems you mean it. you carry yourself in such a particular way. and thats what she thought when she answered her phone and it was her best friend telling her that her ex-boyfriend just jumped in front of a bus and this is what she had to say.. that she'd seen it coming for years and now couldn't explain the faint smirk on her face. she know he wont stay in his grave. its not that easy you're just a slug on steroids bring out your wallet and show us all your insides. and now hes coming for oblivion. sleep with him.